Microchip’s MTCH6102 is a turnkey projected capacitive touch controller that simplifies adding gestures to touch interface designs with industry-leading low power performance.  Utilize up to 15 channels to support taps, swipes, and scrolling on XY touch pads and touch screens.


The MTCH6102 allows designers to quickly and easily integrate projected capacitive touch into their cost sensitive, low power application. The MTCH6102 provides developers with a flexible touch sensing solution to optimize common constraints of size, power and cost that are critical to applications such as wearable devices, remote controls, gaming devices and track pads.


  • Touch Sensor Support
    • Up to 15 total channels
    • Sensor sizes up to 120mm (4.7”)
    • Individual channel tuning for optimal sensitivity
    • Works with printed circuit boards (PCB) sensors, film, glass, and flexible printed circuits (FPC) sensors.
    Touch Performance
    • >200 reports per second (configurable)
    • 12-bit resolution coordinate reporting
    Touch Features
    • Gesture detection and reporting
    • Self capacitance signal acquisition
    • Multiple built-in filtering options

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